Reveal The Reason Why You Should Turn Into Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

Many of us still have in doubt about the organic shampoo and conditioner usage. The price is obviously more expensive than the regular one. That is why most of us still choose the non regular shampoo and conditioner rather than the organic shampoo and conditioner since it is more easier to find, available in many stores and the price is also cheaper. But if we talk about the health issue, is it true that we should choose a product based on the price and availability rather than its effect toward our health? How about the fact that non organic hair treatment can lead us to cancer and other dangerous disease? For the availability, we can simply check to the drugstore where we usually buy medicine. The places like drugstore usually have this kind of supply. Organic shampoo and conditioner is not that expensive as we think. If we compare the benefit the it is worthy enough rather than risking our health.However, we should carefully look at the package label to make sure that the product that we buy is a real organic shampoo and conditioner. Take a look at the ingredient because it is commonly found synthetic material inside.

Reveal The Reason Why You Should Turn Into Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

We should avoid the following list of ingredient when purchase for organic product and conditioner because it will make our scalp become dry, corrode our hair follicles and irritate our oil glands. Do not purchase product even though it is claimed as organic shampoo and conditioner if they contain sodium lauryl sulfates, maureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, derivatives lauryl acohol, propylene glycol and olefin sulfonate. In fact, sodium lauryl sulfate can cause cataract for adult and may contribute to improper eye development for children. Unluckily, this ingredient mostly found in many shampoo and conditioner. Many organic shampoo and conditioner contain certified organic tea tree. This kind of ingredient can be functioned as antiseptic element that can be useful for natural control   of microba. This kind of microbia usually lead to the scalp irritation. Another useful ingredient inside organic shampoo and conditioner is beta glucan. This kind of ingredient  can soothe the skin scalp inflammation.

Organic shampoo and conditioner obviously give us the safe and protection function far better than the regular product that available in many store. Organic shampoo and organic conditioner provide better effect toward our hair and scalp. While regular commercial product mainly lead to scalp and skin irritation, organic version can infuse our hair follicles and skin cells. The organic shampoo and conditioner contain herbal extract, oil and natural mineral that will improve the quality of our hair follicles and skin cells. It is better if we can find organic shampoo and conditioner that contain coconut oil and aloe vera that can help to moisturize our scalp. If we want to look for a organic product to make our hair more shiny than before then we can simply choose the one that contain organic shea butter in its ingredient. The usage of organic version is not only bring positive impact toward our heath. It is also helpful for the environment condition. The organic shampoo and conditioner can reduce the hars chemical residue effect  changes into bio degradable substances.

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