6 Simple Trick to Create Amazing Korean Make Up Style for Daily Performance

Korean wave already spread throughout the world. Not only for the music, the make up style, hair and fashion also become trendsetter. How is the perfect ways to make Korean make up style for our daily life?Before get started. Lets fix our mindset first. Most of us believe that Korean style is only using the soft color. In fact, we are still can have fabulous Korean make up style with such pastel color. Moreover, we can use the red for our lips. Feel curious? We do not need the help of makeup artist or other professional to have this kind of look. Just simply follow the guide below:

1. Focused on our eyes and cheek
If we want to have amazing Korean make up style with red lips shining so we have to use softer or fresh color in the eye and cheek. Do not mix too many color in the eye. Just try to put the nude color along the eye lid and spread it out with pointed technique just like most Korean make up style.

2. Apply black eye liner on our upper or downside eye lash.
Be sure that we are not apply too thick. Do not be too intense, it is just used to frame the eye.

6 Simple Trick to Create Amazing Korean Make Up Style for Daily Performance

3. Use the brow color of eye shadow in our eye brow and confound it in the front side.
We need to make it confound in the dront side because this method will make our Korean make up style looks more natural.

4. Make a contour on the cheek.
Make a movement as if we are suck a drink. When our cheekbone already come out then we can make a contour in this area. To create chick Korean make up style,we do not need to make a strict contour. Just make it soft and confound it with our finger.

5. Apply fresh pink blush on in the apple of our cheek for fresher daily make up.

6. Create Korean make up style on the lips.
Apply the lip liner first before put on any lipstick. Choose the same color of lip liner and the lipstick. Why we need to apply the lip liner first? It is simply because lip liner will help us to frame the weakness of our lips into a great shape. Confound the lip liner inside the lip using your finger so that the lip liner is not only stick into the lip edge. After that, you can start complete your daily make up with lipstick.

Just try to follow those guidance above and see the magnificent result of Korean make up style that you have.