4 Best Lipstick Color for Asian Women Makeup

Makeup is a series of choice among various beauty products. The key is finding the most perfect one for your performance. Just like lipstick choices, it is also vary depend on the skin tone. Each skin tone will have its own proper choices. If you get the right choices then you will get fabulous makeup style but if you don’t then you may ruin the entire makeup and your performance.

That is why we should not only pay attention to the trend and find the one that suit best with our performance. This rule is also applied for Asian women. Asian women are well known with their dark hair and eyes. If you could find the perfect lipstick color then you will be easier to choose any makeup style that you want starting from a soft, nice or even more dramatic look.

To eliminate your confusion, here are top 4 lipstick colors that matched best with Asian women skin tone:

Bright Pink

This type of color is perfectly matched with Asian women makeup choice. If you want to create feminine or girly look then this shade is the best available option. This color is perfectly matched to wear by light and medium women skin color. To complete your fabulous look, you can add the touch of pink in your eye lid or small detail on your clothing like scarf, bandana or even accessories.

4 Best Lipstick Color for Asian Women Makeup

Deep Red

This is categorized as one of the best lipstick color to complete Asian women makeup look. It is simply because it can match well with the dark brown tone in Asian women eye color. It will be perfectly if you apply minimalist makeup style because the highlight will be just in your lips. Just complete it with the usage of black mascara, black eye liner and smooth foundation application then you will look magnificent.


This is also categorized as the best color option for Asian women makeup. This is the best option for women who have light, medium or darker skin tone because this color will make your lips more obvious. Maroon lipstick will be perfectly matched with brown or black clothing color.

Pale pink

It will be a great option if you wear minimalist makeup style. The pale pink is so soft so that it will create a nice contrast sense of your black hair.

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